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Newest project being first

Williamsport Community Kitchen
(Spring 2017)

First client to work with alone instead of a group like the Store Next Door project. Used bootstrap and made a child theme on WordPress.org. This website is for my clients non-profit organization. Did this through my capstone class.

Visiting Chef Series
(Spring 2017)

Another site I made through my part-time job at Penn College. This site is for a restaurant that is in the school called Le Jeune Chef. I was given this opportunity to redesign an already existing page they had and turn it into a mini website.

Store Next Door
(Fall 2016)

First outside client to work with through class. The client was a non-profit organization who needed a site for their consignment store. This was done through Shopify. I was the project manager and front-end designer/developer.

United Way
(Fall 2016)

A site I made through my part-time experience at Penn College for a campaign hosted through the school. This site was also made for a client but went through my Superviser with my design.

Penn College Book Store
(Summer 2016)

A site I made through my part-time experience at Penn College. The College store needed their website re-done through a CMS called Insight. First real-life client using my design.

Portfolio #1
(Spring 2016)

A class final to make a portfolio website using previous class practices. This was my first portfolio website.

Hotel Resort & Spa
(Spring 2016)

A fake hotel site that is responsive on all devices that has multiple pages, including off-canvas navigation.

Roast Me
(Spring 2016)

A site about grills using Foundation frameworks with animations.

Into The Wind
(Fall 2015)

Learned how to work with basic greensock animation (GSAP).

Burger Boy
(Fall 2015)

Learned different animation techniques to make an advertisement.

Erikson Landscaping
(Spring 2015)

First responsive site made using Media Queries. The phone is using a different CSS to change to look.

Red Panada Soccer Academy
(Spring 2015)

A PHP site that has login, registration, events and contact us pages using forms.

Paper Planes
(Spring 2015)

A fake airline site using PHP for login, registration and to figure out mileage.

Mystic Koi Tattoos
(Fall 2014)

A site that is non-responsive (done sophmore year) but the code was plugged into Wordpress.

(Fall 2014)

A PHP project sorting different genres of Anime, using the CPanel Database to store information.